Specific Remedies for Alcoholism

The following natural remedies have helped many addicts kick the bad habit of drinking excessive alcohol. Hopefully, if you are struggling with this, one of these remedies will help you quit.

Bitter gourd is not a popular vegetable included in your meals, but it essential to note that it does a lot to get rid of the habit of drinking. Simply take out the juice of bitter guard leaves and about three teaspoons of this juice can be added to one glass of buttermilk. Drink this every morning to help reduce alcohol cravings. Besides, it also does ways in bringing back your damaged liver, too.

Another highly beneficial remedy to alcoholism is dates. Rub at least 5 dates in little amount of water to make an effective mixture in favor of treating alcoholism. Celery, in the same way, is also a different vegetable seen around the corners of our homes. It can be used to effectively treat alcoholism by drinking pure celery juice daily with water. Perform this at least for a month for stronger results.

Whenever you feel the urge of to consume alcohol, resort to drinking fruit juices instead. Carrot, lemon or orange juices are drinks that can be prepared easily at home. Drink a glass per day of any of these as they are found useful in treating and slowing down the symptoms of excessive alcohol intake.

Learning that the real cure to alcoholism is to make drastic changes to healthy ways and lifestyles must also be prioritized. Perform some physical exercises at least three times a week to shift your attention to other beneficial things than drinking, too. Smoking is also said to increase the level of alcohol cravings, so learning to avoid smoking can also aid you from alcoholism.

Alcoholism is also a chronic disease that easily gets back when untreated properly. Complete abstinence is a must. It can continuously recur and affect the lives of the person and his family and friends. There is no instant solution to such serious disorder that it may take longer time to finally get out of the addiction, so might as well seek medical help in the form of these home remedies first. It is a good start, after all.