Sustained Health

Most of healthcare is business caught in a web of marketing and profit shares.

Dr. Jonas spent years struggling with what he saw as the "wheel" of health. He watched as patients came in looking for relief but were unknowingly placed on programs that alleviated symptoms short term, but failed to actually restore them to independence and sustainable health. Practitioners could stop a symptom but not reverse the damage and progression of the body as a whole. What happened is the patient kept filing back in over and over to fix "new" symptoms while they took more and more supplements. By discovering each individual patient's needs Dr. Jonas can create a comprehensive and effective plan for his or her recovery. He then works to restore balance to the main systems of the body based on the hierarchy for each patient and necessity. These systems are:


This unique program restores the body. It doesn't replace parts with supplements or pills. Both alternative and contemporary practitioners were making decisions based on subjective opinions and needs. Dr. Jonas educates you on your needs, and tries to give you life tools that you can use to maintain the changes for a lifetime. Omega Health is focused on getting you better as quickly as possible. This is achieved with:

Lifestyle Changes
Personalized Diet and Exercise programs
Laboratory Based Supplementation

Dr. Jonas' foundation is in chiropractic. Chiropractors are doctors concerned with the nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, as well as every nerve ending in the body. The brain and spine are the first system to develop embryologically and the most heavily protected system in the body. If anything interferes with the communication between the brain and the rest of your body it causes symptoms as a warning that the problem needs to be corrected. Ignoring this warning leads to more severe warnings such as pain, or dysfunction of the body's many systems. An Integrative approach . . . The principals of Integrative Medicine are to view the patient as the most important member of the medical team and applies all safe and effective therapies without subservience to any one school of thought. In contrast to traditional methods of disease management, the goal is focused on establishing integrative treatment protocols--including allopathic medicine where appropriate-that result in improved clinical outcomes.

Healthcare Minimalism

"90% of health comes down to 3 things: how you eat, how you sleep, and how you move." ~ Dan Millman

Dr. Jonas looks for the least amount of supplementation necessary nutritionally, emotionally, and physically. He doesn't like dependency. Although some people continue care long term, it is a choice made because they enjoy feeling great, and recognize that life always creates imbalances. It is not from a point of necessity because they believe they will fall apart without it, or that they have to come in or they will be in pain.

In order to restore optimal health we must improve all 3 sides of the triad by:

Removing obstacles
Restoring balance
Re-educating the patient

In a time where patient care has taken a back seat to profit we aim to correct this trend. The skills utilized at Omega Health make changes within 4-6 treatments. If we do not see appropriate improvement in your condition we look to either change strategies, or refer you to the appropriate practitioner.

So do not make up your mind as to "this is this" and "that is that". I will be more than satisfied if you learn to investigate everything yourself from now on.